Singapore Government To Hire 1,000 Engineers This Year

Having led the world in technological and business innovation, Singapore has managed to stay on the map as a world player despite its small size.  A gateway to things like Eastern Asia investments from the western world, Singapore remains the center of a very large and complex network.  

In a recent announcement, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Haan announced that the Singapore government will be hiring a staggering 1,000 engineers this year.  What does this mean for Singapore?  Well, looking right at the numbers we see an increase of over 13% in the number of engineers working for the state.  What this means is that there will be far more engineers available to see through crucial government projects, as well as serve on things such as advisory councils.  In total, the plans are designed to help streamline an aspect of government operation that has been seen as lagging over the past decade.

Along with the addition of more than 1,000 engineers, the pay scale will also be revised.  For those just entering as well as those established engineers working for the government, the compensation will be adjusted to be more competitive with current markets.  Helping to make their own government a source of talent on the world stage, Singapore hopes to continue drawing in talent and ability to aid in their own operations.  

The announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister came during the opening of the Institute of Engineers Singapore.  Designed as a way to help train more engineers in the country, the institute serves as a physical representation of the direction and importance the government is currently placing in engineer services.  Reinvesting in its base, it hopes to stay competitive well into the future.

How are people reacting to this?  Given the global economic downturn, any sign of additional openings and jobs is beneficial.  The re-evaluation of the pay scale as well will lead many to consider working for the government.  Alone, the recent addition of a 1,000 jobs may not seem like much.  However, when paired with a series of economic reforms put in place by Singapore over the last few years, it is easy to see that the government is responding to pressures and an ever changing marketplace.  The  inclusion of these engineers is designed to help cushion the Singapore government against such unpredictable changes in the future.  

The government is the single largest employer in Singapore.  With a population over 5.4 million people and a country just larger than the footprint of a city, these hires represent a notable investment in the country by the government.  Aimed towards a growing and educated millennial population looking for work, the openings provide an additional level of security for those with the right training and education.  Making use of these openings however require the right education, which Singapore has been struggling to improve and streamline over time.  That being said, the inclusion of more jobs will provide a lot of engineers with options and hope for their professional careers.

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