Setting Business In Estonia – The Country With Great Possibilities

For many people, starting a new business branch or a new company is a vision that they have been thinking about.  However, to set up a company, you need to have knowledge of every minor detail of land and law. There are several things that should be considered before finalizing a place.

Estonia, often called as the country with possibilities is the best place if you want to start any small scale industry or set up a business. Let us look at various factors, which make it the best business area and how you can set a business there.


Why Estonia?

It is a small country in the north east of Europe. With a small population of just 1.3 million people, you might think that it is not a good place for business set up. However, the government there have tried many things to help the country develop. Some of the key features of Estonia are mentioned here.

  • The best country with 0% income tax
  • Low bureaucracy and easy to follow rules
  • Easy availability of cheap labour
  • Excellent framework opportunity in EU
  • Radical digital public services
  • Efficient banking system
  • Low start up and maintenance costs
  • Easy exit
  • free Wi-Fi connections
  • No cover-up tax if dividends paid
  • Lies in EU tariff free area
  • A bridge between east and west EU

Setting up a business

Once you have decided the location of your business, the further steps are discussed here.

  1. Know the type of business you want to start

You should have a clear idea about the type of business you want to start in Estonia as the rules differ for different business. Some needs registration whereas others do not. Moreover, the starting investment also varies according to the type of business.

For instance, if you are thinking to start a branch extension of an international company, you need to pay the taxes to the Estonian government. Moreover, the taxes are clearly listed in your registration to make sure you do not face the problem of double taxation. However, this is not the case with a small scale individual branch.

  1. Start with registrations

If you are planning to open a business set up in any of the following field, you need to register in the office of REA.

    • Retail or wholesale trade
    • Catering services
    • tourism
    • accommodation services
    • employment service
    • rehabilitation service
    • building construction and designing
    • liquid fuel
    • mining
    • currency exchange

There are several other fields other than these, which need to be registered. However, the medical and transportation industry does not require a registration, but they do need proper license for set up. If you are thinking about starting a KRM business in Estonia, do not forget to register it to REA.

Have proper board and staff before registrations

A company in Estonia should have two boards out of which supervisory board is optional. Therefore, your company can do well even if you have only one board i.e. the management board.


With the facilities provided, Estonia is definitely the best company to set up a business. Just follow these steps and you can easily set up your dream business in Estonia.

Author’s Bio:

Barbara Proulx works with one of the best business consultants in Estonia, and they have helped successfully many companies in registrations and related paperwork. For starting any kind of KRM business in Estonia, please visit their website.