Self Employment Visa In Canada:- Criteria Need To Be Conceded !

The majority of the people from India try to settle in Canada. The death and birth rates in the country is seriously declining. Because of the short supply of the young people who are obviously skilled. To battle with this situation the Canada government has provided immigration policy to all those immigrants who want to settle here and work.  The government of Canada encourages self employed and skilled people, businessmen, investors, farmers and entrepreneurs to settle in the Canada permanently and boost their economy.  People who are seeking employment in Canada, the expert workers with a satisfactory qualification and experience are also welcome.  There are several types of programs available for those who are looking for the opportunity.  Those who are interested can go for self employed visa in Canada.

Criteria set by the government

  • There are 6 criteria available for which a person and the spouse must have sufficient points earned to be considered eligible for the immigration procedure.
  • Educated and skilled people must have knowledge of French or English.
  • The must have full work experience ( 10 years at least including 1 year  with full time  paid job in their fields.
  • There are skill levels and types set by the CNOC which helps in the classification of the workers.
  • To pass the criteria one must achieve Skill type 0 or level A, B.

Besides all these skills it is important that the immigrant must have funds so that they can easily settle down their business. Immigrants must be capable enough to pass down their skills to other people and are fully able to generate jobs. Even the government is offering jobs to the people who qualify all the requirements. If you are skilled enough, financially capable and healthy then you can also get job from the government itself.

The present criteria

If you are interested in the self employed visa for Canada then it is important to have2 year’s experience. You must also show your capability of settling down in the country.  It is important to score 35 points on selection grid which is designed to settle on whether a person is capable enough to contribute in the economy of Canada. To be eligible for the self employed visa you will need

  • To have experience that is relevant
  • Capable to be self employed in the country
  • Meet the security, medical and other  required conditions

Your experience is going to count   if you have been self employed in the athletes and cultural activities.  The person must have experience in managing a farm.  They are going to assess you on the base of

  • Adaptability
  • Experience
  • Language abilities
  • Age
  • Education

It’s easy to get a self employment visa in Canada if you have fulfilled all the requirements. Make sure that you have done all your homework which will raise your chances of getting a visa fast and without any hassle. Also make sure to consult an expert who offer their assistance in Canada visa cases.