Plastisol, Aluminium, Or Steel Roller Doors?

Roller doors are popular in homes and businesses. They’re especially popular in businesses, but they can be used for any type of doorway. Typically, they will be used as doors for large doorways, but a roller door can be just about any size. If it is a powered roller door, the space needs to be large enough that you can have the motor installed. A roller door can operate by rolling up onto the roof in the same way that a garage door does or it can roll up into a coil above the doorway. The difference is usually what differentiates a garage door from just a roller door. Once you’ve decided what type of door you need and where you need it installed, it’s time to choose the material of the door. Your options typically are plastisol, steel, and aluminium.


When you buy a door that is made with plastisol, you’re not actually getting a door entirely made of plastisol. Instead, it is coated in plastisol. Plastisol is a suspension of PVC particles that are suspended in a plasticizer. The plasticizer essentially makes the PVC into a liquid. It can also be dyed a wide range of different colours. That is often why people will choose a plastisol-coated door. Plastisol adheres to the surface of steel better than paint on some occasions. Furthermore, plastisol comes in a wide range of vibrant colours. The PVC will help to keep your steel protected as well. If you want roller shutter doors that will last a long time and will look great for years to come, you should choose this material.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is not always as strong of a metal as steel, but it is a very reliable material for doors and garage doors. It is strong and very lightweight; it is also lighter than steel. That means larger doors can use smaller motors. That’s one of the biggest advantages of aluminium. You need a motor that can raise and lower the door. To have that, you need to make sure the motor is sufficient for the weight of the door. If you want to save energy, you should consider the smallest motor that can reliably lift the door. An aluminium door will allow for a smaller motor.

Finally, you could choose a steel door.

Steel Doors

A steel door will be the most secure door option. It is stronger and heavier than aluminium. It will require a more powerful motor or more strength to raise and lower it. Also, it will need to be protected from the elements somewhat. That doesn’t mean you have to clean it regularly, but you will need to keep oil on some of the moving parts. You’ll also need to keep the door fairly clean so that it does not rust or corrode.