How To Create A Safe And Secure Construction Site

As a construction site manager it is your legislative responsibility to protect your employees and members of the public. Complying with government health and safety regulations is of paramount importance and without all the necessary precautions you risk fines, diminished reputation and even imprisonment. To help you keep your site safe and secure we’ve put together a list of must read tips that all contractors should consider.

Stay visible 

In-between all the machinery, scaffolding and materials it can be difficult to spot construction site workers. Make sure your employees are 100% visible by issuing them with reflective safety vests that make sure no one goes unobserved. 

Issue employees with safety equipment 

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of boosting on-site standards is to issue all employees with good quality safety equipment. Eyes and ears should be protected with goggles and ear muffs, hard hats should be worn to shield the head against falling debris, gloves can be used to guard against harmful substances while fully enclosed footwear is an absolute must. 

Light up the site

Adequate lighting is an essential part of up keeping the highest health and safety standards. It ensures that workers and site visitors can see what they’re doing and easily identify and hazards. This is particularly important during the cold winter months when sunrises are late and sunsets are early.


An organised and clutter free site is the key to minimising the risk of accidents and injuries. Stray building materials can spell disaster so make sure all tools, equipment and materials are correctly stored at all times.

Only employ fully trained workers 

Lack of training is one of the major causes of construction site accidents, injuries and fatalities in the UK. Eliminate the risk of these types of incidents by making sure that all employees are fully qualified to carry out the task at hand. This is critical when commissioning workers to operate cranes, trucks, forklifts and other forms of heavy machinery.

Take out tradesman and contractors insurance

No matter how careful you are it’s impossible to eliminate the risk of on-site accidents and injuries altogether. If your site encounters any incidents it’s essential to be covered by a comprehensive tradesman and contractors insurance policy that will provide your employees and your business with financial support when it’s needed the most.